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Failsafe Canada Inc. releases EOS, the new Offset Quantification System
CALGARY, Alberta /CNW/ - Failsafe Canada Inc. today announced that it has released its new application called the Offset Quantification System (QSYS).

Failsafe Canada Releases Approved Carbon Credits Trading Application that creates New Revenue for the World's Farmers
Approved carbon credits applied towards global warming helps farmers' budget and the global environment.

Failsafe Canada Inc. this week released its commercial version of EOS, a proprietary application for approved Carbon Credit Aggregators to manage the entire process of buying and trading carbon credits for industry.

Builders Watch IMS, by HomeNet - is a New Crime Prevention Tool for New Home Builders and Construction Associations

Calgary City Police & HomeNet by Failsafe, Team Up To Provide Service for New Home Builders and Associations

Builders, police target vandals and thieves

Crime prevention program teams up with Failsafe Canada Inc. In an effort to connect New Home Builders, Building associations and police forces, Builders Watch has been released.

Failsafe Canada Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a flagship application, HomeNet.

Failsafe Canada Inc. is pleased to announce that Mr. Brad Henderson has joined Failsafe as the Sales Manager for IT Business Solutions. Mr. Henderson comes with an extensive background in sales, marketing, promotions and identifying effective solutions for business support and revenue growth. With over ten years of experience delivering superior customer services, Brad is proud to be representing FailSafe Canada 's proven line of business data solutions. To contact Brad for support or implementation, please click here and your email request will be promptly answered.

Failsafe Canada Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Epicor Software, one of the world's largest customer service software manufacturers, to be their premier vendor in Western Canada. "This brings a whole new set of solution offerings to our company" states an excited Jack Charles, VP of Operations for Failsafe. "We can now offer total solutions for Finance and Accounting, Distribution and Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Services Automation, eCommerce, Enterprise Portals, Business Intelligence, Budgeting and Planning, Manufacturing, Industry Solutions, and an IT Help Desk."

Innovative Solutions for Corporate Sustainability

EOS, the Emission Offset Solutions management suite, encompasses two main proprietary applications.

QSys enables an entity to manage the entire lifecycle of a green house gas reduction project from “Cradle to Grave” by managing all data related to the identification, creation, tracking and selling of these credits. It provides support for managing all of the inputs (such as the properties, industry practices, historical information, property owners, property renters, service agreements and contracts for the appropriate protocol), the protocol coefficients, document creation, document management, the sales cycle and all of the necessary financial information. QSys integrates all data and processes into a unified system. It uses use multiple components of computer software and hardware to achieve this integration and uses a unified database to store data for all system modules. While this custom solution serves the hardware and software needs of any aggregator, it was developed in such a fashion that it can be utilized for all greenhouse gas reduction opportunities. Book a demonstration now.

MSys is a system designed for use by Large Final Emitters (LFEs) who have acquired, and will continue to acquire offset credits from both internal projects and external sources. The complexities in the North American offset market are already becoming apparent as a result of the proliferation of different sources and pedigrees of offsets (such as Kyoto Protocol ERUs, CERs and VERs, a whole raft of Voluntary Emissions Reductions generated in various US locations, CUs, CDMs, EU denominated credits, Alberta VERs Canadian (as yet untitled) credits, WCI (as yet untitled) credits, RGGI (as yet untitled*) credits and US Federal credits.*) These credits all have different pedigrees and can only be used in specific jurisdictions, quickly complicating the decision-making process. MSys can be used by emitters as an inventory management tool and they will also use the application as a decision-making tool when they are applying or retiring credits from this inventory. Book a presentation now.

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At Failsafe Canada Inc., we have been helping our clients leverage technology to meet their business needs for over nine years. We work closely with our clients to:

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Failsafe Canada Inc. involves its clients in a collaborative process that challenges them and involves them in all aspects of their projects. The result is a client who is well informed and understands the benefits, trade-offs and challenges that accompany the implementation of new technologies.

Whatever your consulting needs may be, Failsafe Canada Inc. is committed to helping you meet your goals. Our values-driven team of veteran IT professionals understands the real world of business. Failsafe Canada Inc. is a partner you can trust.

Emission Offsets Solutions Emission Offsets Solutions
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QSys enables an entity to manage the entire lifecycle of a green house gas reduction project from “Cradle to Grave” by managing all data related to the identification, creation, tracking and selling of these credits.

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MSys is a system designed for use by Large Final Emitters (LFEs) who have acquired, and will continue to acquire offset credits from both internal projects and external sources

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