"We approach our projects mindful of our clients strategies and focus on their business requirements"
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Failsafe Canada Inc. A leader in home construction and warranty solutions has teamed up with Epicor Software, one of the world's largest customer service software manufacturers, to announce the introduction of HomeServe; a complete sales, service and customer satisfaction system designed specifically for home builders. HomeServe is an easy to use application designed to foster communications with potential and current home buyers, while increasing administration efficiency to gain additional margin from every home sale.



Founded in 1994, Failsafe Canada Inc. is a business solutions organization based in Calgary, Alberta specializing in strategy planning, solutions development, project implementation, change management and related corporate learning. Between ourselves and our strategic industry partners, we offer management consulting services, application and system integration processes and development methodologies designed to help our mid-market clients projects become not just a success, but a best practice.


We approach our projects mindful of our clients strategies and focus on their business requirments.

We provide a complete range of business skills and work collaboratively with our clients to help them become the benchmarks within their industry.

We believe success is built on the foundation of compelling vision and a clear direction, supported by a sound strategy, a deliberate change process and related learnings.





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