Failsafe Canada Carbon & GHG Management Services


Carbon Footprint Assessments

Establishing the baseline of a company’s carbon footprint assessment is the first step in the development of an Environmental Strategy. This is a key building block on which to begin planning your company’s emissions reduction strategy. Failsafe Canada adheres strictly to global best practice in the form of the Green House Gas Protocol in the calculation of your company’s carbon footprint. The assessment includes looking at all electricity, water, waste, travel, fuels and paper and converting these into tons of CO2. Outcomes of this assessment include a detailed breakdown of your total emissions as well as recommendations on how to reduce these emissions.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Implementation

Assessing your companies carbon footprint and conducting a full energy audit is recommended before reductions can begin. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires a comprehensive approach that includes all emissions sources and clearly communicated corporate targets. Key investment areas include staff and supplier education. Failsafe Canada will work with your green team to set timelines, targets and budgets for your reduction strategy. We will then assist you with implementation and constantly monitor your company’s progress.

Low Carbon and Climate change Education

Emissions through incorrect staff conduct can be responsible for up to 15% of a company’s total emissions and is therefore an excellent place to begin a reduction program. Many of our customers have seen the immediate impact of rolling out a Carbon and Energy Awareness Campaign throughout their organizations. Failsafe Canada has a comprehensive approach to carbon and energy education with material suited to all levels of staff from office workers to the laborers. Material includes:

  • Online interactive presentations
  • SAtaff pocket book
  • Live Lunchtime workshops
  • Monthly Comics/Storyboards
  • Poster Series/Brochures
  • Signs that are placed throughout your offices/facilities
  • Competitions
  • Case Studies

In addition to this Failsafe Canada offers Certified Carbon Footprint Analyst and Energy Efficiency Auditor courses so that you can train a champion within your organization to assist us throughout the reduction and monitoring phases.

Carbon Emissions Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of your companies carbon emissions presents your company with media and PR opportunities as we achieve your reductions targets. Failsafe Canada enters into monitoring agreements with its clients to ensure they are always aware of their own progress and new innovations which can help with the reduction process. Services include:

  • Ongoing monitoring: your carbon footprint report will be updated automatically by the Failsafe Canada team. It is suggested that monitoring take place every 6 or 12 months.
  • Real time building monitoring: Failsafe Canada licenses software that interacts with your own building monitoring systems and reports in real time on Electricity, heating, cooling, water, weather and waste. This information is granular to the point of being able to create interdepartmental competitions across numerous buildings or floors and gives your facilities manager total visibility into the building emissions in real time. It is easy to share with employees and the outside world through displays in your foyer that show your buildings statistics. This is an excellent motivational tool to assist in shifting behavior and a way to keep emissions efficiency as a top priority in your company.

Carbon Neutral Aspirations

 A growing number of our customers have realized the brand enhancement opportunity associated with Carbon Neutral status.
Attaining carbon neutral status means that your business in any given 12 months has offset its emissions by 100%.

  • Slow but thorough method: First you assess your footprint and then embark on an astute reduction strategy cutting your emissions every year until you have achieved carbon neutrality. In most cases, this would involve considerable investment to offset your final emissions that cannot be cut through efficiency methods. Solutions are dependant on your type of business but might include solar, wind, biomass or another. Offsetting can also involve purchasing carbon credit certificates from a carbon project that meets your triple bottom line investment criteria.
  • Fast but ongoing method: If you want carbon neutrality immediately and are not willing to embark on a reduction strategy or if your business has a very small footprint then you can achieve carbon neutrality status by purchasing carbon offset certificates to the amount of your CO2 emissions. E.g. CO2 footprint is 10 tons and you annually buy 10 tons of CO2 from a carbon offset project then you will achieve carbon neutral status in any given year.

Failsafe Canada will help you choose the right strategy for your business to ensure that you get the maximum "Eco-Advantage".

Carbon Calculators

The challenge of engraining your climate change strategy into the culture of your company is made easier through online tools like carbon calculators. Failsafe Canada create carbon calculators for client websites helping to position your company as a climate change leader and in so doing offering your customers the opportunity to calculate their footprints and to offset them. This customer engagement tool is excellent for companies that have a high degree of traffic on their sites .


Physical Risk: Climate change will bring adjustments in both average conditions and in the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events. These changes have the potential to cause property damage, pollution-related liabilities, business and supply-chain interruptions and loss of utility services — impacts to business that pose serious financial risks.

Industries that are most at risk from climate change events include:

  • Insurance companies
  • Tourism
  • Banking
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Supply chains
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport

Adaptation is the adjustment in systems in response to actual or expected climatic events or their physical effects, which moderates harm or exploits beneficial opportunities. Failsafe Canada offers our clients the opportunity to reduce this risk through a detailed insight into the impact of climate change on countries, industries and sectors.

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